My baby

Charlie is getting old. Had him for about 17 years and he used to be an obese chi hwa hwa. But now he is becoming stick thin, 90% blind, completely deaf , and sleeps almost everytime now. Sometimes he can’t find his way to the toilet and just pees beside his bed. Are these signs of old age? Really heart pain to see him like that. Think he misses his daddy too much.  The only time that he is still super energetic is when we’re eating! He screams at us till the metal in our house vibrates. And he still yells at the post man when he comes to the door, gosh he is still such a responsible and dutiful guardian angel.




Dinner alone

Uncle, extra vinergar, extra chilli pls!


Looks guuddd dunit?? The danger about ordering it this way actually makes the dish become practically non spicy because the taste of vinegar overpowers everything. And all you taste is noodles in vinegar. Shall just stick back to uncle extra spicy pls!

Look at logo before u walk in

Oh how embarrassing! I went to Borneo motors [Toyota] to collect the van which my mom sent for servicing. Asked around the workshop and the service centre where is the van and they all cant seem to retrieve it from the computer. It was a mystery case. They asked who served my mother what car plate no and all that, even their top boss noticed the puzzlement and asked what happened to this customer. At the end they asked me, is this a Toyota van? My embarrassment registered almost immediately! No, I replied, i’m nissan! They said, Nissan next door please! Arggggg how could I have made such a mistake? I blame cabbie who dropped me outside toyota showroom when I clearly said Nissan. :S And I also got confused by the Borneo motors sign that i didn’t think twice and just went in. Why can’t they just call themselves Toyota? 😦

Of roles and such

Recently took on another 2 roles. One is the same as before, a jewellery sales lady, who attended to Romeo and his on screen girlfriend. Another role will be playing those kind of very sam pat girls, who are going for match making.Very excited to be going for that soon. I just know that I definately will not be up in a guy’s face until like that!  Wonder how Yao dong will be like…

Looking towards 2013

A bit late for new years resolutions. Will 2013 be a good year this year? I really don’t know, and don’t want to ponder too much, just go with the flow. I can’t say I’m not filled with any doubts at all for my future, but am just trying to be positive about everything. Just hope that all goes well for everyone.

Had a great cny gathering this year. Wishing all my friends and love ones a great year ahead. May God’s love, blessings, grace, mercy and favor shine upon the face of all my friends and love ones, and may they be healthy, wealthy and happy always. Love u all, happy 2013!

At our next gathering, will there be little toddlers running around happily? And young mommies and daddies running apprehensively after them. Possibly the last year as All Adults Only. =)


What’s new pussycat

It’s been a good 2 years since I last updated. I have forgotten my blog even existed only until i recently sent an email to a correspondent and to my surprise and bewilderment, I saw that my blog link was actually attached to my email signature when I i did not even put it up there or anywhere for that matter! How on earth did it get attached to my signature? Boo! Stupid yahoo mail!

So what’s been happening? Nothing unusual I guess. Except like  maybe, CANDYCRUSH. The stupid game has gotten me hooked onto it day n night, deterred me from studying for my upcoming exams, and even thinking of giving up my studies so as to fully and succintly enjoy the world of Candy, everyday just divising new ways and tactics to move up to the next level. Yes, after despising people who constantly sent me request on facebook to help them on Candycrush, I myself have jumped onto the candycrush wagon, literally speaking. (Read from somewhere, Candy crush gives you depression, scientifically proven.)

Recently got invovled as cameo on yet another channel 8 drama. This is probably the most lines I have ever gotten, like 3 lines. But I enjoy doing it although it can get quite mind boggling at times. Always look at the onscreen person you are talking to! Sometimes my eyes just refuse to listen. Sheesh.

Here’s the video at 15:52

Here’s another old one at 33:01

Another stint as a policewoman at 1:49

This is going to bore you. Skip this part if you will. Was sifting through my past emails and realised I actually have quite a chunk of experience at all these miscellaneous roles. 万福楼 as 护士 ,万福楼 as Xuan Xuan stunt double, jumped into the pool with her.:) 微笑正义 as woman who got her purse stolen, 四个门牌一个梦 as 柜台职员  ,警徽天职 as 护士, 糊里糊涂爱上“它” as 记者, 孤男寡女 as 姐妹, 花样人间 as 售票小姐, Japan drama Mooncake as 记者, 阿娣 as 护士, 边缘父子 as 工作人员, 麻婆斗妇 as 女同事. But still a grade C, albeit all these experience.

Well, that’s about as much happening as I’ve gotten down to. See you the next time. If anyone even sees this, that is. 😉